Ramayan Dolls

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Product Information

Introducing our exquisite set of 5 handcrafted wooden Ramayan peg dolls, each one meticulously created by talented rural women artisans in the heart of India. This captivating collection features iconic characters from the timeless epic, the Ramayana.


Ram: The embodiment of righteousness and duty, Ram stands tall with his bow and arrow, symbolizing his unwavering commitment to justice and virtue. 2. Sita: Graceful and radiant, Sita exudes resilience and devotion. She is beautifully adorned, holding the spirit of steadfastness and love. 3. Lakshman: The loyal and courageous brother, Lakshman stands ready to protect and serve with his mighty mace in hand, embodying unwavering loyalty 4. Bharat: A symbol of fraternal devotion and nobility, Bharat is depicted with a regal demeanor and a sense of responsibility that mirrors his deep affection for Ram. 5. Hanuman: The mighty devotee of Lord Ram, Hanuman is portrayed with his characteristic gada (mace) and unwavering devotion, ready to leap into action.

Dimensions and Care


It is toxic free and safe for kids of all ages (0+ years).

Multicultural and Ethnic

Brings the charm and beauty of the Indian culture. This doll is great for storytelling and will help children introduce diversity to pretend play by exploring a different culture or sharing about Indian culture.

The Perfect Gift

This doll just might become your "go-to" gift for all occasions – birthdays, baby shower, Diwali, Christmas, and more! You can also gift them as care dolls/ therapy dolls to seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia to feel comforted and soothed.

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