We exist for a purpose.

The toy industry now offers dolls available in a wide array of skin tones, yet none are culturally close to any South Asian heritage. Our mission is to provide every brown girl with a doll that she can identify with, see herself represented, and develop a sense of pride, power, and confidence. 

At Culturorama, we are more than just creating toys for kids. We are here to create sustainable, organic, heirloom quality products that you and your kids will love and cherish forever. We aim to promote inclusivity and South Asian culture through our brown dolls.

All our products are hand made in rural India by all-women artisan groups and we are proud to be associated with them for creating beautiful dolls that are safe for both children and the environment.

Best of all, with each transaction, Culturorama Toys donates a portion of its profits towards education initiatives for young girls in India. Come on board with us now, and together let's make our children's toy boxes more diverse, all while supporting underserved women and girls of color take control of their lives! 

Our toys are handcrafted using 100% eco-friendly & sustainable materials

Culturorama’s main inspiration is to help children understand diversity at a young age and help preserve this heritage through these eco-friendly and multicultural dolls.  Our soft, handmade brown dolls and Indian toys create a positive affirmation that brown children are represented. All toys are made of 100% cotton and third-party lab tested to conform to US child safety standards, including: ASTM F963-17, CPSIA.

Our Impact

Culturorama Toys recognizes that many rural women artisans don’t have access to fair wages or basic education for themselves or their children. That’s why we're inspired to help them build brighter futures for themselves, and their families. Shopping from us is taking a step forward for every South Asian child to feel represented in a culturally diverse world, helping self-sustaining women build a better life for themselves, and ensuring a capable young girl continues her education.


"Kids are innately imaginative towards their toys and even develop emotional bonds sometimes. That bond should teach us something. And it should be to make them proud of themselves and envision their bright tomorrow in a culturally-diverse world."

We see progress in raising awareness about diversity and representation, yet there is much left to be done. And our soft multicultural dolls are looking to gauge this gap and amplify opportunities for young children to experience an open, more diverse culture.