Tara Doll Featured on DailyMom.com

Our best seller - Tara doll was featured on DailyMom.com
Super excited that DailyMom.com gave us a nice little write-up about one of our best sellers– South Asian Multicultural doll - Tara, on their article about The Perfect Toys for 2 Year Old's to Inspire Wonder and Joy.


This Christmas, watch your little one open the lovely Tara Doll. The perfect doll for telling stories and exploring diverse cultures, Tara will enable children to introduce diversity through pretend play and cultural exploration. Tara is made by Culturorama Toys, a women-owned enterprise that creates beautiful Indian dolls. This multicultural toy for 2 year old's promote understanding and inclusivity among young children. Tara is a super soft and huggable doll designed in the USA and handcrafted by women artisans in India. She is made from 100% cotton and detailed with hand embroidery.


This adorable16-inch doll has wide black embroidered eyes, a sewn-on nose, a cute smile, and eyebrows. She also wears a delightful Bindi in the center of her brow, stunning matching bangles on both hands, and she comes with her hair styled. Tara likes to sing and paint, and when she grows up, she wants to be the CEO of her own company. She is popular at school, and Tara always watches out for her friends and stands up for them against anyone being unkind or unfriendly.

A generous portion of the sales from Culturorama Toys is donated to educate girls in India through partnerships with women-owned small businesses. They hope that by implementing this initiative, more women and girls in India will be able to lead happier, healthier lives, and they strive to impact and change as many people as possible. Join Tara and her friends to diversify your toy box this Christmas and explore Indian culture and all it offers.


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